Snow Crash UI

Snow Crash UI is an AngularJS app built to manage game development settings in the cloud. Each setting is a key value pair, and can be assigned to groups. I’ve built it into the context of a game I wish to see made or perhaps make myself one day, based on the novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.

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API Documentation

Build from source

Clone with Git & run the following commands in the project directory.

npm install
bower install

Then open in browser: http://localhost:8085


My app structure is based on John Papa’s excellent Angular Style Guide.

The settings module (/app/js/settings) contains html views for the settings editor, presentation logic, and a factory for retrieving settings and group objects from the API.

The mockserver module (/app/js/mockserver) is an interactive mock server data model with the necessary HTTP interceptors to fully emulate a functional API. Given that the mockserver is intercepting all API calls, you will not see them in the ‘Network’ tab of your browser’s development tools, so I am logging all API requests and responses to the browser console instead. One benefit to this approach is that by simply omitting this module from a production deployment, the app will make real requests to the configured API url. Taking this concept further it would be simple to implement a switch in the app to engage an offline demo mode useful for development, training, or sales presentations.

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