Agnoster: The best solarized oh-my-zsh theme


Agnoster is a fantastic Z shell theme for coding based on PowerLine, with the best Git integration I’ve seen yet. It displays many helpful things about your current working directory in a glance:

  • If the previous command failed (✘)
  • User @ Hostname (if user is not DEFAULT_USER, which can then be set in your profile)
  • Git status
    • Branch () or detached head (➦)
    • Current branch / SHA1 in detached head state
    • Dirty working directory (±, color change)
  • Working directory
  • Elevated (root) privileges (⚡)

If you’re looking to trick out your command line with an informative theme that’s easy on the eyes, I highly recommend it.

Update: If don’t want to use Z shell, there is now an official PowerLine plugin for bash (and other shells) that is very nice as well. It’s not as simple to install as Agnoster via oh-my-zsh, but is lighter weight and looks great!

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  1. Seb
    May 26, 2017

    Hello, very interesting post — which I tried directly.

    However, I do have weirdnesses: bold green is gray, so is bold yellow, bold blue and bold cyan.. Is that “normal”?

    See it for yourself with:


    e () {
    echo -e “$@”

    e “Black (30): \033[00;30mThis is it.\033[01;30m And bold.\033[00m”
    e “Red (31): \033[00;31mThis is it.\033[01;31m And bold.\033[00m”
    e “Green (32): \033[00;32mThis is it.\033[01;32m And bold.\033[00m”
    e “Yellow (33): \033[00;33mThis is it.\033[01;33m And bold.\033[00m”
    e “Blue (34): \033[00;34mThis is it.\033[01;34m And bold.\033[00m”
    e “Magenta(35): \033[00;35mThis is it.\033[01;35m And bold.\033[00m”
    e “Cyan (36): \033[00;36mThis is it.\033[01;36m And bold.\033[00m”
    e “White (37): \033[00;37mThis is it.\033[01;37m And bold.\033[00m”

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